Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Over all semester post

Overall this semester has been really really reallllllly over whelming. It is really difficult to sit in a class room every day and not really understand everything that is going on. Actually understand anything that is going on. I felt every single day that people were talking Chinese and I only understood English. But I did not stop trying to understand. I was in class besides 2 days that I had to miss for personal issues. I felt like all of my projects were successful besides my last project. I also learned that asking questions isn't a bad idea. Without me constantly asking questions and googling everything I could possibly google I wouldn't have been able to finish this semester. It was really frustrating that my final project had to come to an end early and not get finished. I would have loved to finish it and have something to put into my portfolio but that doesn't mean I cant finish it at a later time. I know I struggled with posting my progress on my blog and that is something I always struggle with. As much fun as I had this semester, I am very very happy for it to be over.

Final Project

Well well well.....
My final project was a fail....

My main goal was too have a temperature sensor read the temperature and when the temperature got below a certain temperature the heating pad into a beanie would turn on. When the temperature sensor read a different temperature it was suppose to turn back off.
We had the temperature sensor working perfectly and we had it work so when the temperature sensor did read that temperature an LED would turn on. That worked great!
We then need to simply change the led to the heating element and thats where things went wild. We tried two different transistors and ended up sticking with the transistor TIP120. We rebuilt my entire project from the ground up twice and something still was not working. When the transistor is on it is also as if we aren't getting enough power to even power an LED. We tried switching everything we would switch even switching the arduino and nothing was working. We came to a point where we tried everything and needed to take a step away from the project.
After having problems with amazon and shipping as well as being stuck in Chicago airport for an extra day we were really crunched for time. After Thomas and I spent countless hours on this project we decided it was time to put it to rest for now and my final would be to figure out exactly why my project wasn't working and we could go back at a later time to fix it for my portfolio.
So we left very frustrated and not really knowing where to start with my research about why it was not working.

I learned a few things.
-Many people say the TIP120 are probably the worst transistors to use. They say its almost like using a tv from 1990. They have they have been around for so many years and many of them are just really outdated, but just because something is old doesn't mean it shouldn't work. People get old and they still work so whats the difference here.

-Maybe of the people that were sort of doing the same project were using a diode in their circuit and I don't believe we were using one. One person said we need one to soak up the giant spike from when the transistor shuts off.

-Someone also said we needed a cap on the in and our to keep it from going spasmo (im assuming that might be why we get a little bit of light in our LED but barley any to even power it.)

-Everyone keeps going back to the diode. Each circuit we built we didn't put a diode into it and we tried to test it. Someone said that even though it was only for a few seconds it would have been enough to kill our transistor. So maybe that is why we sometimes got light and then we didn't because the transistor was dead.

-A lot of other people were saying they had problems because they weren't using a heat sink. Even though our transistor was physically over heating it could have burnt out before it had the chance to over heat.

Im not sure if any of these things would actually make a difference but doing my research I didn't find a single person who had the exact same problem we did so there isn't a 100% answer until we try a few different things.

I am looking forward to one day finishing this project. I had been crocheting a hat with yarn and cutting my color changing fabric into thin pieces so it could work into the the hat.

As for now,
This project is a working project and will one day (in the future) be finished and super awesome!

Another part of our final grade was too do an instructable of our final project.
Since mine ended up not working and I didn't want to post one that was only half finished I decided I would do one on just setting up the temperature sensor and making the LED light up when the temperature got below a certain temperature.
I plan on rewriting another one once we have our problem figured out and we get this project up and running.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

week 11 review

On monday we discuess chapters Natural-born Cyborgs 4-5 and as a class we really got into it. Some of the stuff that was in the reading really just blew your mind. Since I had problems with my relay lab Thomas went back over it and I fixed that on Monday.

On Wednesday, Not many people showed up for class so Thomas took it as a work day. He helped me a lot finally figuring out what the heck I needed to order for my project.  We agreed that to make my project successful instead of buying a hat from the store I should make my own hat because it would work better with the color changing material that I am going to get.
Over all, I ordered 2 heating pads, coloring changing fabric, A switch, and then im going to have to work with different batteries when the time comes. Most materials should be here Tuesday, except the fabric, that part is starting to worry me.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Natural-born Cyborgs 4-5 response

Reshaping Presence

  • The idea would be to allow the technologies to provide for the kinds of interactions and interventions for which they are best suited, rather than to force them to (badly) replicate our original forms of action and experience.
  • written language provides a new medium in a way because of a change of ideas and a new way of constructing thoughts.
  • A human with a broken leg depends on a crutch automatically and runners depend on running shoes but they both depend on them in a different way.
  • Research shows that we believe the most natural and perfect state is when something is actually present and when it is not our senses are broken. When things are present we depends on them more like crutches then we do running shoes.
  • Consider emails, we use emails all the time even when we are in the same room/room next door. It gives people the chance to interact with each other in a very informal way and not face to face. It also allows us to continue to communicate when both parties aren't free at the same time. This is why text messages are such a big thing in today's day and age.
  • Comparing emails and text messages to sex toys because it's almost doing the same thing. Emails and texting is getting someone away from face to face communication and sex toys are allowing people to do things without another partner.
  • Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present
  • When someone orders a pizza do we all share and taste and smell of that very pizza?
  • Another form is made into a picture frame? Long distance relationships use them. Each partner has a picture frame and one person can touch it and then the other sees a light and they touch it too and it almost feels as if someone is there touching you. They can learn to express a different kind of language simply from a picture frame.
  • Real physical robots acting as personal representatives. The robots are called ProPs. Your ProP would be unique to you (rather like an avatar in virtual reality), but it would not look like you. Each ProP would provide gaze control, body-control, posture, and dialogue.Think of a ProP as the ultimate prosthetic: a full-body replacement . . . still fully under the control of a human being.
  • The goal of Canny and Paulos’s research is, they say, “not a human and robot hybrid but a new kind of embodied person.
  • It is the two-way flow of influence between brain, body, and world that matters, and on the basis of which we construct

Stelarc’s Third Hand
  • The man on stage has three hands. Two of them are his standard biological kit; the third is an electronic prosthesis.
  • Built to those same dimensions, it is attached to the right arm (see fig. 5.1) and features grasp-release, pinch-release, and a 290-degree wrist rotation mechanism.
  • The third hand is controlled by relay center passing the message to the prosthesis.
  • Because of the area of the control center it is not a usual spot to be controlling a hand so it can be moved more independent comparing to the other two.  
  • He does not feel like he operate the hand because he simply uses it like he does with the other two.
  • extending his own nervous system into nonbiological space, while allowing other people’s nervous systems to invade, manipulate, and parasitize aspects of his biological body
  • With real certainty, is that the ideas and possibilities that Stelarc is exploring are not just theater

Our Worlds, Ourselves

  • The mythical place inside our brains where sensory inputs, thought, and ideas are all inspected by a “central meaner” whose well-informed choices determine our deliberate actions.
  • Note that our technology-based reflections lead us to the very same conclusions
  • There is no self, if by self we mean some central cognitive essence that makes me who and what I am.
  • To face up to our true nature (soft selves, distributed decentralized coalitions) is to recognize the inextricable intimacy of self, mind, and world.
  • At this point that any emphasis on new or near-future technologies, exciting though it is, can prove counterproductive
  • That we are natural-born cyborgs, is of course an attempt to preempt precisely this species of response
  • Why can some people with Alzheimer’s live at home and live a near to normal life? They have tool and props at home which makes their life seem very normal to them without knowing any difference.  They use message centers, photos, memory books, and use open storage which means pots and pans aren't locked away in a cabinet for them not to get too
  • Imagine a world in which normal human brains are somewhat Alzheimic
  • Complex device is the human mind, and it is a device whose problem-solving routines are defined over an unruly mass of biological and nonbiological circuits and pathways
  • The cyborg additions would simply allow the control of certain bodily processes to fade into the background, freeing the mind to pursue its own, paradigmatically human ends.

relay lab

yeaaaaah this was a fail
We tried and it didn't work so Thomas told us to hold off until Monday and he would help us figure out our problem

Monday, October 30, 2017

Notes 10-30

void setup( )
{ pinMode (pin, output);}


void loop ()

byte- 0-255 value without a decimal  EX byte x =180;
int- EX y=18000;
long EX- z=1000000;
float EX zz=decimal numbers EX= 3.00005;

Reaching out for help instructable